This is a new requirment from the FCC you MUST add your email to your License
or your License will be VOID

Well, this is a little tricky to update your email address. Don't try to log in to ULS the old way and enter your password, since it does not work.

Copy and paste this link:

This License Manager is going to let you enter your FRN number and password. Then you need to click on update license over on the top right. This will let you enter your email address. Then it will ask you if this is a new Application and you can say yes. I hesitated because I did not want to pay $35, but it finally says there is no charge. After it processed it, I got a number to reference my change. It would not print and I tried to see how to get my new license to print.

I finally quit and logged out. An email then came saying I filed a new Application. I opened it and it had an authorization link. When you click on it a pdf file is downloaded and you can then open it and print your new license. This is a new license replacing your last official one. Keep this pdf file so you can always print it and prove you are up to date.

Hope this helps.